Messy Maths

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Date(s) – 01/07/2016
9:00 am – 1:30 pm

Enfield Highlands School


We invite sixth-formers to put down their textbooks and learn some cutting-edge applications of mathematics!

Dr. Murad Banaji will talk about the messy mathematics of living things. In his own words:

Mathematics is now central to nearly all areas of biology and medicine.  It helps explain and predict, revealing, for example, how ecosystems work, why animals walk the way they do, how cells are born and die…

Because the living world is a “noisy” one with many uncertainties, studying it may require creative and unusual mathematical approaches, and even new mathematics. Some of the mathematical problems that result are very hard, but even relatively simple maths can provide deep insights into the living world not available to biologists before. We’ll give a quick tour of a few less-known and surprising ways that maths tells us about the processes of life.


Download the PDF file .

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