iPads for Students

In September 2020 we loaned iPads to all new and returning maths students as part of our response to Covid-19. This approach has transformed students’ learning experiences so we’ll keep using iPads when we’re back on campus!

Accessing remote lectures

Providing iPads ensured all students could access our remote lectures.

Collaborative virtual whiteboards

Collaborative virtual whiteboards have really opened up the possibilities for maths education. The blue arrow is a student using their iPad to trace out a Hamiltonian Cycle live (and remotely) in their graph theory lectures.

In our seminars we work together on problems! The blue and red arrows are two students working together to calculate residues in Complex Analysis:

Problem solving spaces

Our “problem solving spaces” are collaborative whiteboards that are used in lectures, for group work and individual work. These boards can be revisited and contributed to whenever is convenient for you! This way we can build solutions to complex problems together at a pace accessible to everyone.