Dr. Jonathan Elmer



I’m a lecturer in mathematics at Middlesex University, London. I joined the department in November 2016. Previously I held teaching positions at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Bristol, and before this I was a postdoctoral researcher at RWTH-Aachen and Aberdeen. An up to date (ish) CV can be found here.


I organised a one-day meeting “Invariant Theory: Recent Progress and Applications” at Middlesex University on June 16th 2017.

I spoke at Algebraic Topology and Representation Theory (ATRT) in at the University of Lille, 26-30th June 2017.


My research is mainly in invariant theory. This is a very old branch of algebra which has its claws in a great number of other areas, such as algebraic geometry and representation theory. You can find some recent papers, and short descriptions here.


This year at Middlesex I taught MSO1130 Logic and Structures, MSO3110 Advanced Algebra and MSO3170 Combinatorics. Middlesex students should use MyUniHub for up to date notes, but a small sample can be found here.


I’m Middlesex’s Representative at the London Mathematical Society.

Some of my papers are reviewed at MathSciNet.

In summer 2011 I appeared on a popular daytime words-and-numbers based gameshow. You can find out how I got on by clicking here. This gives me an extremely tenuous claim to having an Erdös-Bacon number of 8.