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Date(s) – 26/04/2018 – 27/07/2018
All Day

Thorpe Park


The maths team, including our second and third year students, took part in out first STEM Fair at Thorpe Park.

We developed some new hands-on maths activities for ages 13 – 18 including:

Giant Soma cubes

A giant version of the Soma Cube puzzle, using seven geometrical pieces to build a cube and other shapes.

Students will need to work as a team to solve this giant mathematical puzzle!

Tangible Travelling Salesman

What’s the shortest way around the Park? This sounds easy but it turns out to be a really tricky problem. Your students will have to think carefully to find the shortest route to their favourite rides.

Tracking Roller Coasters

Your students will use the power of smartphones to explore accelerations, look deeper into the mathematics of speed and acceleration, and discover what makes a roller coaster feel good!


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