Dr. Jonathan Elmer (Middlesex)

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Date(s) – 08/11/2017
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm



Modular coinvariants


The algebra of coinvariants of a finite group G acting on V is the quotient of the algebra of invariants k[V]^G by the ideal of k[V] generated by positive degree invariants. Unlike the algebra of invariants itself, it is fairly computable. The algebra of coinvariants sometimes contains information about the structure of the invariants. Like many things in invariant theory and representation theory, more is known in the non-modular case (where |G| is not divisible by the characteristic of K) than in the modular case. I will report on some recent work with Mufit Sezer which aims to understand more about coinvariants in the modular case.

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