Below is a summary of some of the modules on our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

More detailed information can be found on the individual module pages on MyLearning, our online teaching platform (access restricted to current Middlesex students and alumni).

BSc/MMath Mathematics and BSc/MSci Mathematics with Computing

MSO1120 – Calculus and Differential Equations

Integration and differentiation are used to model situations in physics and engineering, as well as in other applications. In this module we will look at how to describe these kinds of equations and you will be introduced to the importance of rigour in maths.

Course notes:

MSO1120 – Calculus and Differential Equations

MSO2110 – Groups and Rings

Groups and Rings are structures used throughout maths to emulate objects like whole numbers or matrices. In this module you will be introduced to these structures and you’ll study their properties and what they look like. You’ll find that from very humble beginnings groups and rings lead to a deep and rich theory.

Course notes:

MSO2110 – Groups and Rings Notes

MSO2120 – Mathematical Analysis

This module will begin by looking at what we really mean when we look at limits in mathematics and build on this to give you a greater understanding of series and calculus. The module builds on the ideas introduced in the year 1 modules about the need for rigour in maths. You will develop your ability to question mathematical arguments and to think logically about what definitions mean.

Course notes:

MSO2120 – Metric Spaces

MSO2120 – Metric Spaces Exercises

MSO3120 – Real and Complex Analysis

This module will develop your understanding of mathematical analysis by expanding on topics studied in MSO2120 Mathematical Analysis.

We begin with a rigorous study of multivariable calculus, extending our notion of integration to include line and surface integrals.

We follows this by demonstrating the necessity of an alternative to the Riemann Integral (MSO1120 Calculus and Differential Equations), which leads us to a notion of measure and the powerful Lebesgue integration.

Finally, we will look at analysis in the complex plane, which requires tools from multivariable calculus, where we will learn the differences and similarities between the analysis of real and complex functions.

Course notes:

MSO3120 – Multivariable Calculus

MSO3120 – Measure Theory

MSO3120 – Complex Analysis

MSO3130 – Communicating Mathematics

This module will develop your mathematics communication skills through a variety of mediums from traditional paper based reports to presentations to online material. It will also develop your appreciation of the role of mathematics in society and its historical development in order to help motivate mathematics to non-specialists.

As part of this module our students have published some videos to YouTube:

 Preparing for Graduation

In these weekly sessions for third year students we prepare you for graduation, employment and further study.

Date Title Description
10th October 2017 Meet and greet Mix with the first, second and third year undergraduates to discuss your experiences with mathematics so far!
17th October 2017 Making the most of your final year

  • Introduce the Preparing for Graduation series
  • Meeting the MDXWorks employment team
  • Discussion of what employers and educators want in references
  • Understanding the degree classification system (third, lower second, upper second, first)
  • How can we tailor these sessions to your aspirations?

24th October 2017 Research skills workshop 1 Develop the research skills needed for modules such as MSO3130 Communicating Mathematics and MSO3140 Project.
31th October 2017 Research skills workshop 2 Advanced research skills led by the Library and Research Support team.
7th November 2017 Building your CV What do good and bad CVs look like?
21st November 2017 Building your Linkedin profile How to set up a profile on this professional social network, and make your first connections.
28th November 2017 Your final year studies and beyond Meet two recent graduates

  • What strategies did they use to manage their studies?
  • What were their experiences in securing jobs and MSc places?
5th December 2017 Guest speaker – Financial Wealth Management James Keenan (Succession Wealth Management) will talk about the value of mathematicians in the financial sector and how to secure these jobs.
12th December 2017 Guest speaker – Mathematics Christmas lecture Rob Eastway (author, director of Maths Inspiration and Christopher Zeeman medal winner) will give his talk “I wasn’t expecting that!”.